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Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Big Outdoors: Nature's Call to be Nude



There's something definitely spiritual about the attraction for and the effect that the Great Outdoors has on the male psyche and also his libido. There are few men who do not report that they have had had the urge, and are likely to have acted upon it, to abandon their clothes and to commune with the glorious beauty of nature by getting totally nude. For some of us, it acts like an aphrodisiac.
Scenic Boys

I have previously written an article about Scenic Boys, who are a young gay couple who lead their friends on environmentally-friendly and sometimes naked, excursions in the natural splendor of the great outdoors. The Scenic Boys end of showing off their own nature male beauty as well. You can visit their video blog Scenic Boys and also find them on Facebook.
Here's another article about this very topic:
ing week. I had started out in the early chill of the day, but by noon the sun was out and the air was hot. I was concentrating on soaking up the heat, the sound of my paddle in the water, the aesthetics of the trees hanging over the banks.

One day last year I was paddling solo down a beautiful creek in the Midwest. I was scouting a route for a class I would be bringing there to follow. 
As I rounded a bend in the river, another canoe approached from behind about six feet off the port side. The person at the bow of the canoe, dressed in an old T-shirt and shorts, was happily paddling forward, completely oblivious to the person at the stern, who was dressed in ... well, nothing but a smile.

"Great day to get naked!" He shouted.
The other person laughed to himself, apparently thinking the guy behind him was joking.

"It sure is!" I called back.
The person at the bow began to sense there was something amiss. The poor guy looked over his shoulder to see that he was the only clothed person in his canoe. Apparently, a fifteen-foot vessel was not large enough for him to be sitting in front of a naked redneck in the middle of nowhere. He started paddling as though he could make his end of the canoe outrun the back end.

Every now and then I spy an article in an outdoor magazine that mentions, in brief, the interest people have in nude recreation. People have hiked the Appalachian Trail with nothing but their boots and socks on, rappelled wearing nothing but their harnesses and I've even heard of naked skydiving! It would surprise you some of the things people do naked, but who hasn't gone skinny dipping?
In broaching the subject of nude recreation, I hear people say, "Sorry, but there are some people I don't want to see naked." Come on now. How many of us really look like Leonardo DiCaprio in The Beach or Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush? Why should the

fun be relegated to the beautiful? Goddess or gremlin, we all need some sun. Some more than others.
Let me point out that in many areas, recreational or not, nudity is illegal. This is where the American Association for Nude Recreation comes in. I met some representatives of this organization two years ago at a convention in Denver, Colo. They were very cordial, professional, open and dedicated to making nude recreation socially acceptable. They candidly explained that the AANR works to ensure both freedom and access to nature in clothing-optional locations. To this end, they work through educational, professional and political means to promote the validity of nudity as a means of recreation.
In view of a potential fine and the potential reactions of those unexpectedly encountered, why do some people prefer their recreation sans apparel?
I've heard it referred to as a "baptism into nature." Our entire body is one big sensory organ. We never experience anything as much as when we throw our whole selves into it. The person who watches a DVD about Mt. Hood won't know the emotions of the person who climbs it. The person who walks beside Opal Creek won't know the exhilaration of the person who jumps in it. The person who hikes into the Grand Canyon won't feel the same intimacy as doing so without the inhibition of clothing
I think it's like being on a road trip and turning a corner to see the most spectacular view spread out in front of me. The first thing I do is roll down the window. Then I start looking for a place to pull over, leave the car and stare uninhibited at the beauty before me. Maybe it's also like looking into the face of someone I find truly beautiful, someone I truly want to know. I naturally want to reach out and touch them, to remove the inhibition of silence that separates use.

It's about removing inhibitions. The window glass between me and the view inhibits what I want to see clearly. The distance between you and that person inhibits what you want to hold. So the reaction is to stop and reach out. At this point I am reminded of how many beautiful opportunities we have every day, in the faces of the people we pass. We allow too many inhibitions to keep us from reaching out and seeing each other clearly.

It seems we are so tightly clothed and constricted by so many things that we maintain a glass of social indifference between us and the lives of others. I am not suggesting that we should all be required to walk around naked, but if we could simply stop and reach past our inhibitions once or twice, we'd find that the next person is just as human as we are. In truth, clothing doesn't make the man, because the human is underneath.
Skinny dippers unite!

If you are interested in getting naked or the American Association for Nude Recreation, see for more details.

Jamie Lewis Hedges is an outdoor columnist for The Daily Barometer. He can be reached

Ready to go get naked in the great outdoors

by Jamie Lewis Hedges

Issue date: 5/8/03 Section: Sports

As the days get hot, people get naked!

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Getting what he wants: Naked in public

Embarrassing situation -

Originally uploaded by hardtwoholed.
Dear Bboi I'm still listening to the song, ok? BTW, I belong a freeballing group ( in Yahoo! Groups) and this story came in today. The cool thing was that the guy's story happened in downtown Philly (near the Criminal Justice Center) and he ran into a skater who NOTICED his predicament. I thought that would be so cool if it was you or your sk8erboys (LOL). Well. at least, I had more than a good imagination to visualize that was really happening.

--------- Embarrassing situation : Freeballing wet ------

Posted on Freeballing for Health and Comfort Yahoo Group by Michael -- somebody in Philly who sent this in 8:57pm Philly time Wed night, May 16. Not his picture but it might have looked something like that. When I wear my yellow boardshorts, they become sort of semi-transparent too - so I know what he means.)

Hey guys - It is finally really warming up in Philly -yesterday it was windy, but in the 80's - I wore a pair of cargo shorts I bought last year. They are desert camo (white, tan, and grey) and made of nylon- like board shorts, but more short like than bathing suit. Well, I came around a corner and ran into the sidewalk washers - (for those that know - Philly is not known for being a very clean city - they have tried in  recent years to improve with these teams of sidewalk washers downtown - they go around with a power washer and hose down the sidewalks). 

When someone walks by they point the hose away so that they do not get wet -turns out it pointed it away for a girl and her mom at the same time I turned the corner - I got completely hosed down the front of myself - they were very apologetic, and continued on - about 50 yards late, I noticed that people were staring at me with their mouths hanging open - I looked down and my shorts were completely transparent - not a little bit -completely!

I looked up and locked eyes with a skateboard punk who gave me the high sign and smiled - I flipped my bag around to the from and continued on my way - I am too known to continue exposing myself & the criminal justice center is on the next block - tons of cops, but it would have been fun to see more reactions. Enjoy these couple pics - stay free! Michael

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Below are photos of this blog author / editor who loves freeballing, and exposing himself in public places.